Infection Prevention


About HAI

HAIs are infections that patients get while receiving treatment for medical or surgical conditions. They are among the leading causes of preventable deaths in the world and are associated with a substantial increase in health care costs each year.
HAIs occur in all types of care settings, including:
• Acute care within hospitals
• Same-day surgical centers
• Ambulatory outpatient care in health care clinics
• Long-term care facilities (e.g., nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities)
In hospitals, HAIs lead to extended hospital stays, contribute to increased medical costs, and are a significant cause of morbidity and mortality.

Why Are Healthcare-Associated Infections Important?
HAIs are the most common complication of hospital care. However, recent studies suggest that implementing existing prevention practices can lead to up to a 70 percent reduction in certain HAIs. The financial benefit of using these prevention practices is estimated to be $25.0 billion to $31.5 billion in medical cost savings. ” Scott RD. The direct medical costs of healthcare-associated infections in US hospitals and the benefits of prevention. Atlanta: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; 2009”



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